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The Remembering Miliza Korjus Collector's Edition has been produced by Korjus Recordings. The four-CD set has been digitally re-mastered to the highest quality from the original analog recordings and contains many selections not previously available (such as live concert recordings). The proceeds from the sale of these compact discs will go to the Miliza Korjus Singing Scholarship Fund under the Estonian Culture Foundation.

The four-CD collection can be ordered via the Internet from the exclusive distributor, Apollo Raamatud, in Tallinn, Estonia. The following are instructions for ordering from the Apollo website:

On the www.apollo.ee website, type Miliza Korjus in the DETAILNE OTSING search box

at the top of the page and press Enter.

On the next page click on the cover of the CD

On the following page click LISA OSTUKORVI box.

Now Minu ostukorv in the top right corner shows (1 toode) = (one item) Click on Minu ostukorv.

Next page comes up and you have to click on VORMIST OST box.

Now you are on the ordering page. Fill in the boxes:

Ees ja perkonnanimi = first and family name

E-posti aadress = email address

Ettevõte = company

Aadress = address

Linn = city

Indeks = Zip code

Maakond = state......states appear when you have chosen United States as a country below

Riik = country............Ameerika Ühendriigid = United States

Telefon = phone

NB! Boxes with asterixes are mandatory

When you have finished filling in the boxes and have chosen United States as a country,

the second column TARNEVIIS shows you:

Rahvusvaheline saadetis = 5 euros for international delivery.

Now under the third column MAKSEVIIS (payment) you probably want to use credit card payment. So click in the circle Krediitkaardimakse - Estcard

Mastercard and Visa logos show up

You will also see the Total (Kõik kokku) in Euros

To continue, click on ESITA TELLIMUS = Order

On the next page it says: Toimub suunamine panka = You are redirected to a bank

Click on the Suuna panka box

Another page with NETS logo appear. Fill in the boxes:

Kaardi nr.: = card number

Kehtivus (KKAA): = Valid (MMYY)

CVV2: is the three digit control code printed on the back side of your card

Nimi: = Name

Summa: = Total amount

Now click on the Autoriseeri (Authorize) box and your order will be placed.

Any further ordering questions should be directed to Apollo Raamatud via their website.